Asset for Life

Investors with Stone Asset Management enjoy an average $3,084 p.a. higher returns on their investment through our unique Asset for Life program built on innovative technology and solid expertise. It only takes one click to switch to Stone, call 1300 595 936 today to get started.

Higher rental returns

We pride ourselves on our market knowledge and the ability to service multiple markets with our large database of high-quality clients & our cutting edge marketing techniques. We have over 35,000 contacts and growing daily!

We market your property with High-Quality professional photography and expose your property across all leading web portals. For example, we use Premiere listings on Real, Domain,, homely, Stone national network website and our Stone Asset Management website, plus all social media platforms.

By showcasing your property to the widest possible audience, we receive more tenant enquiry which results in more $ in your pocket!

Less vacancy time

Every day your property sits empty, it is costing you money. Our extensive database of high-quality prospective tenants gives us a huge advantage in finding tenants in the shortest possible time frame. We maintain extremely high levels of communication with our prospective tenants and arrange to have them pre-approved so we can create a shortlist of candidates before many of our properties hit the market. We are very proactive in communicating with our tenants in the latter stages of their lease periods to ensure we are on the front foot in renewing their lease or actively looking for a new tenant, well before we require one.

Less stress

We understand that most frustration for landlords results from poor communication. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service levels and complete transparency for our landlords. Our property management software is world-class and provides transparency across the board, you can download the app on your mobile or tablet device and access all documentation, rental income and expenses, or any maintenance issues for your property 24/7.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your asset management needs - we have aligned ourselves with specialists in the independent fields like mortgage broking, accounting, insurance, quantity surveyors & quality tradespeople that we use personally. We have no referral fees or financial arrangements with our independent suppliers, they are here to help you when you need it most.

Greater protection

Tenant selection is the most critical part of owning an investment property and we complete a thorough 4 stage checking process on all prospective tenants.

First, we complete a TICA check. TICA is a national database where tenants are listed for rental arrears, property damage or unpaid bills. If they are clear on TICA, we then complete an employment check on the prospective tenant and verify information with their employer. Next, we complete a rental reference check on all tenants, we contact their current or previous agent gathering information on how they looked after the previous property, we also request a rental ledger to make sure all rental payments are made on time. The last check we complete is a social media and online profile check to make sure that all information that is provided is aligned. We then contact you and run through the entire application together.

We understand that it is your investment property and we do not approve a tenant without your approval. We always provide our professional opinion, but the decision is always yours. We are here to make sure your mind is always at ease! We are also in the minority of Property Management companies who conduct property inspections every 3 months during a tenancy so we are constantly checking on the condition and cleanliness of your valuable asset.

One call to switch

It only takes one click to start your switch to Stone Asset Management, call 1300 595 936 today to get started.