8 expert tips for selling your home in Spring

Spring is in the air! And this heralds the busiest quarter for the Queensland property market. With so many more homes coming on the market and all vying for the same attention, how can you make your property stand out from the rest?

Preparing your property for a Spring sale can be as overwhelming as it is exciting.

We’ve compiled the best tips from our property experts to make sure your home is ready for showtime this Spring! 

Recently listed property at 13/44 Addison Rd, Bulimba

1. Dress to impress

Remember your property is a whole package. The outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside!

Curb appeal is a very real thing and without it, a potential buyer may very well just drive on by.

  • Clear away any rubbish or vegetation
  • Hide your rubbish bins, park excess cars, boats, and the like away from the home and out of the driveway. Having too much in the front yard can make it appear there is not enough storage in your home and well, make it look a bit messy.
  • It goes without saying that the garden should be tidy, with the lawns mowed and garden beds free of weeds. Overgrown hedging and untidy lawns can send the signal that the garden is too hard to maintain, and a buyer’s precious weekends will be tied up getting dirt under their nails!
  • Make sure your front fence or gate is in working order and the paint is fresh and clean.

2. Fix it

With rolling lockdowns over the past year, we’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes, and we’ve become very aware of which doors stick, what hinges are loose, what taps or showerheads are leaking, and what light bulbs need replacing. Go through each room, make your list and get to work.

3. Does it spark joy?

It’s time to declutter! No matter how time-consuming and difficult this task may seem, this is one thing that can’t be put off. On the plus side, it will also save you time when you are getting packed up and ready to move. For tips on decluttering, click here.

4. It’s not personal…

One of the key things you can do to get your house ready for a showing is to remove all your personal artefacts and memorabilia. Studies have shown that too many personal photos and such can have a detrimental effect on would-be buyers! Sure, they know the house is lived in, but they need to be able to imagine themselves in the space too. 

Try to minimise the family photos, trophies and awards, makeup bags on the dresser, and a fridge door full of reminders and schedules.

5. Out with old, in with the new

Does your furniture look particularly well-loved and lived in? If the furniture you have in your home is dated or has seen better days, it may be best to invest in a property stylist and renting furniture for the duration of your marketing campaign.

A correctly styled and “dressed” property can make thousands of dollars of difference come auction day!

One of the key perks of selling your home through Stone is that we can offer you access to a home stylist free of charge. Find out how

6. Ask an expert

Sometimes you need to get an outsiders point of view. Ask a friend or your agent to give you honest feedback on how your property is looking, smelling, feeling. Constructive feedback is a way of fixing any issues before your first open house and not run the risk of turning off any potential purchasers.

7. Appeal to the senses

Is your home inviting to buyers when they first walk in? Does it appeal to most, if not all, of their senses?

Sight – how does it look? Clean and uncluttered is the aim. Strategically placed freshly cut flowers around the home and bowls of bright fruit in the kitchen add to the visual appeal.

Smell – fresh, sweet and not overpowering (we don’t want people to think you’re trying to disguise something). No one wants to smell last night’s dinner or dad’s sweaty old football boots. Get rid of all the rubbish and clutter – house hunters have a tendency to open your cupboards – yes, any cupboard – so take out the trash before you leave the house. Light some candles, open the windows to let the fresh air in, and try to steer clear of that Friday night fry up.

Sound – some mellow not too intrusive background music adds to the inviting atmosphere and puts people at ease.

Touch – again, it’s the clean and fresh factor here. Door handles, benchtops, stoves and countertops should be dust-free, grease-free and clean. Buyers will always run their hands over your kitchen and bathroom benches. No one wants an unwanted surprise in the touch test!

Taste – perhaps not the most important sense to fill, but having a coffee cart (or a gelato cart in summer) can go a long way in making your buyers feel more “at home” in your home.

8. Get rid of the evidence

Around 62% of households in Australia own a pet so chances are pretty high that your home has one too. For an open home, leave the kennel outside but take Fido with you when you leave. Do a very good scout around the yard to make sure all the doggy “do” has been taken care of. If you have a cat, take kitty and her litter box with you too.

Are you considering put your home on the market this Spring? Give your home the best chance of standing out from the crowd and select a Stone agent to manage and secure your sale for the best possible price!

If you would like any specific data or trends for any Brisbane or Gold Coast suburbs, or an up to date opinion on the likely selling range of your property, please feel free to reach out any time.